VP is recognised by many as the world leader in race fuel technology. With more than 70 fuel blends and a growing VP fueled champions are across the entire spectrum of motorsports.

VP’s reputation for product quality, along with superior service and technical support has plced it at the forefront of racing fuel today.

The Beginning

VP Racing Fuels was founded by Steve Burns in the early 1970’s as a young racer in San Antonio, Texas. Self-taught in chemistry and physics, began experimenting with exotic blends of fuel, where racers tried his fuel and liked the power gains.

Sustained Passion

The passion and dedication of VP’s development team to staying on the leading edge of technology is legendary. Most of VP’s employees are or have been racers in one form or another and are driven by the competitive will to win. Together, the VP team intends to solidify its position as the true World Leader in Race Fuel Technology for years to come.

Building VP

VP is leveraging its history and winning tradition to take its brand to the next level by launching VP-branded retail gas stations and convenience stores across the U.S. Working with a select group of quality distributors, cutting-edge marketing and technology, VP Racing Fuels is one of the fastest growing retail gasoline brands in the country