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C50™ is a truly revolutionary racing fuel designed exclusively for 50cc 2-stroke motorcycles. It is the result of extensive testing with Cobra Moto and works well in all 50cc 2-stroke motorcycles. C50 shows measurable improvement across all performance parameters – more horsepower, more torque, and better throttle response. It is unleaded and pre-mixed with a top quality  JASO FD-rated, certified premium oil  at a 50:1 ratio, so no measuring or mixing is required. It’s also ethanol-free, which prevents the damage that occurs with ethanol-blended street gas which fouls carburetors, degrades rubber and plastic parts, and goes bad after just a few weeks in storage.

Typical Values

  • (R+M)/2: 94.75•
  • MON: 87.5•
  • Specific Gravity: .712 at 60ºF•
  • Pre-mixed at 50:1