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Arguably, the best performing two stroke motocross fuel for stock and modified engines, period! Surpassing MRX01, MRX02 is effective in delivering up to 7% more power than pump gas and any basic non-oxygenated race fuel. This highend fuel blend passes rules for AMA Pro/Am.

When using MRX02, to keep your fuel cool and prevent vapor lock on hot days, e.g. 90 ° or higher, we recommend:

  • Always go out with a full tank – the more fuel you have the cooler the fuel will stay
  • Insulate the bottom of your fuel tank:
  • line the underside of the tank with heat reflective tape and/or
  • install a CV4 Fuel Kool Gas Tank Barrier
  • It will also help to keep your fuel container wrapped in a RACEPRO “Cool Fuel” Ice Jacket prior to dispensing in your fuel tank.

Typical Values

  • Color: Light Blue•
  • Motor Octane: 100•
  • Specific Gravity: .734 at 60° F